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Unlimited mobile plans

5 exclusive unlimited

5 exclusive unlimited(1) plans that adjust to your lifestyle and your travels overseas.

They include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in the plan’s zone as well as mobile internet.

Commitment-free, flexible and adjustable at any given time / you can change plan according to your travels.

(1) For more information on the coverage of unlimited zones, please refer to the mobile plans pages.

A mobile plan like you have never seen before

Unlimited(1) mobile plans enriched with unique services

  • A new high-end mobile phone each year.(2)
  • Two emergency SIM cards with remote activation.
  • In case of breakage or theft of your mobile phone, we take care of the administrative procedures with the insurance.

(1) For more information on the coverage of unlimited zones, please refer to the mobile plans pages.
(2) Parnasse guarantees a mobile phone renewal each year for up to 800€ (tax included). Renewal without limited amount is valid for customers with a 5GB Global plan or a 30GB Global plan at least three months prior to the renewal request.

Our mobile experts, always by your side

  • An assigned digital coach and a team of experts assist you 24/7/365, wherever you are.
  • In case of loss of your mobile phone, a synchronized and ready to use identical phone will be delivered to you in up to 4 hours in Paris and on the French Riviera(3), and in up to 48 hours abroad.
  • They help you optimise the right choice of plan according to your travels.

(3) Alpes-Maritimes, Var and Monaco

Questions you are probably asking yourself…

When you are travelling abroad, you can subscribe to one of our options to complement your mobile plan : an Exclusive USA/Canada Week or an Exclusive 5Go Global Week can be offered to you.
In the event of theft, Parnasse takes care of the administrative procedure with the insurance and, if needed, sends you a new phone.
We offer a complete mobile securing service with human assistance for its set up and the follow up of the service.