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Customized formats

Customized formats

Customized formats

Our exclusive training programs

Because each company and each employee faces different problematics, we deliver customized programs in appropriate and adapted formats. After a precise diagnosis to define the topics and the learning format, we conceive a personalized and optimized learning course coherent with the vision, the issues and the constraints of the company. You can than choose one or several of the proposed formats:

  • 2 hours capsules
  • 4 hours learning by doing workshops
  • Half-day Design thinking workshops
  • Serious game coaching
  • In situ plenary and digital learning


Our tailored-made interventions

With our capacity to immerse ourselves in the culture of companies that work with a demanding clientele, we want to share our expertise in order to spread the methods and best practices used every day internally. We act with creativity and assertiveness on:

  • Audit
  • Consultancy
  • Conception
  • Animation
  • Development programs impact analysis