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Tailored Service Manager

Parnasse is also cutting-edge, and I am proud to work there by suggesting innovative services to my Members

Younesse, who are you and what's your role at Parnasse?

I'm a Tailored Services Manager for the departments of Alpes-Maritimes, Var, Corse-du-Sud and Monaco. I'm part of Parnasse Sud.

I act as an intermediary between our discerning clientele and the technical solutions offered by Parnasse. I coordinate all the business lines needed to offer ultra-personalized solutions and peace of mind to our customers.

I'm supported by expert technicians, smart home specialists and eletricians on a daily basis. I offer a response to significant demand for support in terms of Wi-Fi optimization in villas, the installation of security systems, but also smart home projects.

I'm certain that when I retire, Parnasse will feature among my best years at work!

How did you arrive at Parnasse?

I started with a work-study contract at Orange Business Services. I met a former student there who worked at Parnasse, and thanks to him I had the opportunity to join the entity around 10 years ago as a Personal Digital Coach in Paris.

I spent 3 years in that position, and at the time Parnasse started to expand into different regions. The first zone chosen was the Riviera (Alpes-Maritimes and Var). I joined this development program to tackle this challenge and move to the position of Member Relations Manager. Now, I am Responsible for developing tailored solutions for our prestigious clientele.

I am very proud to have had the opportunity to help establish this project and secure Parnasse Sud's future.

How do you fulfill the Parnasse brand promise in your work?

Parnasse is about people, first and foremost, and the trust we develop with our Members, with the Orange group and its teams.

Parnasse is also cutting-edge, and I am proud to work there by suggesting innovative services to my Members.

What is the most essential thing in your daily work at Parnasse?

My smartphone, as it allows me to be contacted at any time, which is crucial to offer personalized support to our Members. It also allows me to research information for my job and keep abreast of digital developments to find out about new products and trends

Tell us about your most memorable or unusual experience at Parnasse.

During the first lockdown, a customer contacted us via Orange store to identify a solution so he could live and work in his second home - a beautiful seafront property, with several hectares of land, but unfortunately with a poor mobile and Internet network.

Firstly, we carried out a technical study to identify a 4G Home* solution, as the property was not eligible for fiber. Unfortunately, the 4G network was too weak, so we continued our research, and after analyzing the 4G signals in the area, we found a spot where the signal was excellent. We were able to install an antenna in this location.

The customer was so satisfied with this solution that he advised his neighbor - who was experiencing the same problems - to use Parnasse services, and we installed the same solution for him.

* 4G Home is an internet offer supllying home broadband using the Orange 4G network.

What does this experience bring to you in your professional and personal life?

Arriving at Parnasse, I had the opportunity to receive a variety of training, allowing me to excel in various areas. I also had the opportunity to traval to London on a language trip to improve my English.

The Academy of Service supports us year-round to help us improve; it's rare for a company to invest so much in trainging its employees, it's truly excellent.

What are your reasons for working at Parnasse? Answer as frankly as you like.

Because there's no room for a routine! I have had the chance to work in three different positions since I joined Parnasse in 2012, which has allowed me to grow; I'm certain that when I retire, Parnasse will feature among my best years at work!

Is the fact that Parnasse is Orange's exclusive brand important to you?

Parnasse is the Orange group's traiblazer. Each request is handled individually, we tailor the relationship with each customer and adapt solutions to specific needs.

With Parnasse, I have had the chance to meet different Orange group teams, and thanks to the stories and testimonials we have shared with them, these people have really taken on our experiences to offer the best to Orange customers. I like the idea of helping to spread a certain culture of customer excellence within the Group with Parnasse.


14 April 2022

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