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Multimedia Support

Being committed to customer satisfaction every day is in line with my values.

Sandrine, who are you and what's your role at Parnasse?

I've worked as Multimedia Support for the three and a half years. My job consists of assisting our Members with all the questions and technical issues they may encounter related to Parnasse products and offers: communication, telephone equipment and the Home range. I also provide support to Coaches and Field Technicians for complex requests. When remote support isn't possible, I travel to the Member for any advanced installation or configuration. In my job it's essential to be up to date with the latest innovations to provide a flawless level of support that meets our customers' requirements. I must also be versatile to respond to very varied requests, a request for IT assistance or to provide expertise on network quality or support getting to grips with the latest iPhone.

How did you come to Parnasse?

I started in 2006 in a photo laboratory, Photo Service, as a Laboratory Assistant. In 2008, following a sales partnership with Orange, we became the Générale de Téléphone. I worked in the role of Mobile Sales Advisor. I was able to develop new skills in customer relations and technical expertise. I was encouraged by my managerial team at the time to apply to Parnasse, where a new story began.

How do you fulfill the Parnasse brand promise in your work?

Being committed to customer satisfaction every day is in line with my values. In my everyday life, I take the time to provide high-quality answers to our Members so as not to waste their time which is often valuable.

What is the most essential item in your daily work at Parnasse?

I'd like to mention several items. My computer, first of all, to access our CRM and all the tools that enable us to provide optimal support to Members. My headset next, to call the Members and answer their requests. My mobile, too, to provide the assistance needed by our Personal Digital Coaches in the field. My MacBook, finally, to take over Members' computers remotely. With these tools, I can answer all the requests, in any location and at any time.

Tell us about your most memorable or unusual experience at Parnasse.

A Member contacted us one day because one of his children had simultaneously activated Voice Over* and Zoom on his iPhone. These commands may be useful if you are having trouble using your iPhone, but the unfortunate activation of both commands combined can rapidly become hell!

I helped this Member with the necessary steps, but this assignment very soon became stressful because the Voice Over command talks constantly and the maneuver can be complex to explain, above all remotely.

I activated the simultaneous commands on my own mobile to support the Member as best I could and have the same experience. Even though it wasn't simple, we laughed a lot about the situation.

* Voice Over describes aloud what is displayed on the screen, from the battery level to the people calling you and the mobile phone application your finger is on.

What does this experience bring to you in your professional and personal life ?

It's enriching in human terms, first of all, because, there's a lot of pleasure in the relationship I maintain on a daily basis with our Members and in solving their problems. Then, because we must always meet our Members' needs, expectations, and technical constraints.

My job has taught me to demonstrate great adaptability. I think that this is an essential quality at Parnasse because we must always meet our Members' needs, expectations, and technical constraints.

Thanks to Parnasse, I've had the opportunity to work with wonderful teams and meet extraordinary people. I've been able to form wonderful professional relationships and friendships.

What are your reasons for working at Parnasse?

Working at Parnasse, at the heart of the customer relationship, making the human aspect a core priority, is something that comes naturally. Supporting our Members, taking the time to listen to them, talk and adapt to multiple situations on all the digital topic and developing my experience field of customer relations is what I like the most in my job. Working at Parnasse also means discovering exclusive and cutting-edge products that you don't find everywhere.

Share a quotation with us (that you have heardn experienced of that you simply like) linked to your job at Parnasse.

Two quotations come to mind: "There is nothing constant if not change", Buddha. I also really like this Arabic proverb: "He who wants to succeed finds a way. He who doesn't want to do anything finds and excuse". As Multimedia Support, I'm always committed to following through on a problem and providing the best solution.

01 April 2022

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