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Customer Manager

We have a close relationship with our Members

Sandra, who are you and what's your role at Parnasse?

I have been a Customer Manager at Parnasse for three and a half years. My role is to provide our Members with the support they need, for their technical requests, claims, purchases and advice, by telephone, email and via chat.

How did you comme to Parnasse?

I joined Orange in 2000 as a Customer Advisor. I did sales, took care of professionals, loyalty and Open* customers. I moved my way up ultimately to become a leader in the field of customer relations.

In 2018, I was contacted by the Manager of the Customer Relations Department at the time, with whom I had already worked at Orange, to join Parnasse and put my expertise to good use in the field of customer support.

* At Orange, being an Open customer means being a landline (Internet, TV, Telephone) and mobile customer on the same contract.

How do you fulfill the Parnasse brand promise in your work?

I would say it's my empathy, my voice, my ability to listen and my immediate response to Members' requests. This means that some of them recognize me immediately and are happy that I am there to help them again.

At Parnasse, our Members know us, remember us, and sometimes ask for us specifically. We have a close relationship with them.

What is the most essential thing in your daily work at Parnasse?

The most essential thing is something intangible: it's my smile. Even when I'm on the phone, you can sense it.

I would also mention the customer relationship management (CRM). The CRM provides access to all the necessary information about our Members to provide them with the support they need, follow up on requests and anticipate their requirements.

Tell us about your most memorable or unusual experience at Parnasse.

The story took place during the first lockdown, while we were all working from home full time. I received a call from a regular Member, who urgently needed a SIM card for the weekend. He asked me, quite informally where I lived to find out if he was far from my home to retrieve a SIM card. I was unable to grant his request for confidentiality reasons, but it demonstrates the trust that our Members have in us. This story was resolved thanks to the efforts of his Coach who was able to personally bring him a SIM card.

What does this experience bring to you in your professional and personal life?

From my contact with Members, I have become even more thorough, which is a quality you need in order to offer exceptional service to meet customer needs. This side of me is expressed both in my professional and personal life.

What are your reasons for working at Parnasse? 

Parnasse is the high-end of Orange and offers an ultra-personalized exceptional service to each of our Members. I am truly proud to embody these values and belong to Parnasse. I see Parnasse as a laboratory of customer service experiences, which could even be extented to all Orange customers.

Is the fact that Parnasse is Orange's exclusive brand important to you ?

The concept is especially important for the Orange group. In a way, Parnasse is like the group's scout in the world of high-end service, with people and personalization at the forefront. This position can serve as a showcase to inspire Orange services.

Share a quotation with us (that you have heard, experienced or that you simply like) linked to your job at Parnasse.

This is a quote from my former manager : "We learn good and bad things every day, but we still learn". We even learn from the mistakes we can make, we learn not to repeat them, we learn from others, we grow professionally and personally. These mistakes help us to improve our development and the way we manage various situations. 

08 March 2022

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