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Multimedia Technician

I am there to help our Members with the whole technical side and to provide them with digital peace of mind in their homes.

Nadjhma, who are you and what's your role at Parnasse?

I have been a Multimedia Technician at Parnasse for over five years. I am in charge of installing optical fiber and multimedia equipment in our Members' homes or office. I'm also in charge of the after sales services for digital equipment like Wi-Fi, home cinema systems, TV screens and so on. My job is very varied: I get to be involved in the whole digital world to offer the best solutions to our Members.

With the current health situation, our Members are traveling less, so they need the best Internet and digital solutions to work from home or event just stay in touch with their family and friends. There is a very high demand and I am there to help our Members with the whole technical side and to provide them with digital peace of mind in their homes.

How did you arrive at Parnasse ?

I started at Orange 12 years ago as a Service Technician for the general public in Paris. I was one of the first women to be hired to this position. After that, I wanted to gain more expertise in customer relations, a skill I didn't necessarily utilize in my previous service position. After five years as a Technical Advisor in the Orange Madeleine store, I wanted to join the Parnasse entity for its very high standards and the quality of its services. As a Technician for Orange's exclusive brand, I have learned new competencies related to mobiles and Internet, and also customer relations, which helps me to go the extra mile every day.

How do you fulfill the Parnasse brand promise in your work?

I'm quite an organized person, I like being able to help our Members with their requests from start to finish and checking that everything has gone well with the work I've done. Our brand's identity is based on achieving high standards to offer real digital peace of mind to our Members, and I strive to do my very best. 

What is the most essential thing in your daily work at Parnasse?

The work tool I couldn't do without is my cell phone, because it's means I am always connected, I know about all my callouts and I can answer our Members' questions.

I also rely on my energy and my smile, which are essential to give a positive image of Parnasse.

Tell us about your most memorable or unusual experience at Parnasse.

One day I was working in a 200m2 Parisian apartment belonging to a Member to do a study for a fiber optic installation. At one point I thought I was opening a bedroom door, but it was actually a 15-seat home theater. I felt like I was in real cinema: the wallpaper, the red seats, little blankets on each seat, and so on. All that was missing was the popcorn!

What does this experience bring to you in your professional and personal life?

Thanks to the training provided by the Parnasse Academy of Service and the more technical training I learn more about customer relations excellence every day, I always have the latest technological and technical expertise.

It is important to always be as professional as possible to be able to adequately respond to our Members' questions about all sorts of digital or technology issues.

What are your reasons for working at Parnasse?

Parnasse is like a family. It is a relatively small entity; we all know one another, whether on a professional or personal level. Every day we get the opportunity to work with colleagues from different departments. I think that is one of our biggest strenghts. As soon as we need someone or some specific information, we know we can just pop by one of our colleagues' offices to get some help. There is a real sense of team spirit. 

Is the fact that Parnasse is Orange's exclusive brand important to you?

Yes, it is important because, having spent my entire career at Orange, working at Parnasse makes it that much more exceptional. When I talk about Parnasse with other Group colleagues, I always get positive feedback about the image of excellence that we convey. It's real recognition and is very gratifying.

Share a quotation with us (that you have heard, experienced or that you simply like) linked to your job at Parnasse. 

It's a quote I read somewhere, and I think it suits me quite well. It's a quote by Nelson Mandela: "It always seems impossible until it's done". Parnasse always finds a solution. We make every effort to overcome the problems we encounter and to install our Members' equipment and meet their needs. And this achievement is very satisfying on a professional and personal level. 

At Parnasse, we try to make the impossible possible.

09 February 2022

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