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Head of Internal Communications

There is a leitmotiv at Parnasse which is "people above all", and my job is the perfect example of this

Audrey, who are you and what's your role at Parnasse?
I am Head of Internal Communications and Managerial Coordination. I am in charge of sharing information with all the employees to provide meaning, promote initiatives, and unite everyone around our major strategic issues to strengthen our corporate culture to achieve two things: to foster the commitment of all employees and to develop a feeling of belonging to our brand.

How did you arrive at Parnasse?

I have been working in Internal Communications for over ten years within the Orange group. I was Head of Internal Communications for a technical entity focused on customer repairs and network repairs in the Normandy and Centre Val de Loire regions. I was given the opportunity to join a program offered by the Orange group called "Talent Communication", which gave me access to inspiring conferences. At the end of this year of support, the communications department offered me various positions, including Head of Internal Communications at Parnasse. I was quickly attracted by the world of luxury, the quality of the communication teams' work and so on. I also wanted to supplement my professional experience by going to a more sales-oriented entity. I have been part of the team for just over a year now.

How do you fulfill the Parnasse brand promise in your work?

There is a leitmotiv at Parnasse which is "people above all", and my job is the perfect example of this. When a company invests in an Internal Communications function it means it wants to take care of its teams, to give them the best conditions and best tools to work together effectively. And there is also the notion of symmetry of attention, which is important to me and guides my daily actions to some degree. We have employees who work in very high-end environments. We need to give our employees the same attention that we give our Members, or in any case attention that embodies our values of excellence, exclusivity and being at the cutting edge.

What is the most essential thing in your daily work at Parnasse?

I would say my creativity, the ability to surprise Parnasse employees through the actions I offer with my team's help. It is important to create an element of suprise to always impress the employees, especially in the current health context; we have to be even more creative to adapt to a changing context.

Tell us about your most memorable or unusual experience at Parnasse.

My most memorable story at Parnasse is the creation of an actual movie theater when the new brand film was released. For me, it was an amazing collaboration between the External and Internal Communication teams to give our employees this exclusive screening in a completely unexpected context. What is more, we did it in the context of the health crisis. We organized this moment suspended in time for our colleagues when they returned to the office and handed our popcorn and lemonade. All in compliance with the health regulations of course!

What does this experience bring to you in your professional and personal life?

I am at the crossroads between all the departments, all the projects. I am right at the heart of a whole community.

My role is to promote all the great experiences that strengthen the corporate culture both inside and outside the Orange group. Parnasse is a very demanding entity due to its footprint, its corporate culture and its positioning. It helps to elevate us on a daily basis, and we can see that there is a whole community ready to offer quality and ultra-tailored services to our Members.

Personally, through this career opportunity I have discovered a new city, Paris, and its way of life. So it is just as rewarding personally as it is professionally because it means I can let my imagination run wild when I create and implement our communication actions to make them exceptional.

What are your reasons for working at Parnasse?

It's a great brand where there is a strong customer culture and customer satisfaction is the priority. The whole value chain is committed to this purpose. It's the great cohesion to deliver an ultra-personalized service.

In addition to that, we are supported by the Parnasse Academy of Service which trains us throughout our careers in customer relations excellence. This valuable and innovative training helps us to stay in touch with the latest trends in customer relations, which is a field that is constantly evolving, and to try out inspiring formats like learning expeditions* and practical applications.

* Immersion in an innovative ecosystem.

Is the fact that Parnasse is Orange's exclusive brand important to you?

Orange is known and recognized as a trusted brand by the general public. We take advantage of its reassuring image and technical expertise. Parnasse has positioned itself in-house as the Group's pioneer for customer relations excellence, it is a brand that fires your imagination and embodies the service excellence that the Orange group can provide. I am really proud to help spread our teams' knowledge and expertise within a group like Orange.

My role is to promote all the great experiences that strengthen the corporate culture both inside and outside the Orange group.

Share a quotation with us (that you have heard, experienced or that you simply like) linked to your job at Parnasse.

It's a quotation that completely reflects my job: "The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping the old ones" by John Maynard Keynes. It perfectly sums up our daily challenge in Communications in the broadest sense as you have to be ever more imaginative to offer our colleagues unexpected experiences, to always surprise them and make them dream. And it is sometimes especially challenging due to the health context which forces us to regularly chuck all our ideas out and start again. But isn't one of the most important qualities of a good communicator knowing how to adapt to every situation?

23 February 2022

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